we accept solid waste consisting of earth and earth-like products, concrete, cured asphalt, rock, bricks, yard trimmings, and land clearing debris such as stumps, limbs and leaves
We sell Red, Fill and San Dirt. Please call in advance to find out what quantities are available.
81 Inert Landfill is located on 6444 Highway 81, Loganville, Georgia, 30052
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Atlanta Red Dirt for Sale - 404-725-8515
At 81 Inert Landfill, we sell 100% Georgia Red Dirt / Red Clay. Red Dirt supplies are used for base material, buildings, roads and streets due to its highest compaction rating. 81 sells the cleanest red dirt in Georgia at the lowest cost.

Quality High Grade Red Dirt
- Our Red dirt is the highest quality dirt on the market and is found only in Georgia with the greatest compaction used to build roads, highways, commercial/residential developments or to change the grade or elevation of land.
- Our Quality Red Dirt has been used for State Highways projects, County Roads, Airports and Buildings
- Red dirt comes directly from our mining site is sifted clean no rocks or roots.

Delivering Since 1993
- Our haulers have delivered thousands of red dirt loads since 1993
- We can handle up to 100 loads per day
- We use GPS to coordinate fast deliveries

We sell Atlanta Red Dirt by the Tandem Truck load at the lowest price in the region.

Need Red dirt? 404-725-8515

81 Inert Landfill
81 Inert Recycling & Landfill

6444 Highway 81
Loganville, Georgia, 30052

770-466-3676 - 81inertlandfill@gmail.com