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"Welcome to 81. Here to serve our kind Neighbors"
Matthew 23:12 For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. Jesus

2024: Base Gravel, Crusher Run or Dry Dirt, rates from 2016!

81 Recycles the earth. Have a blessed day.

DRIVE THRU: Safety Initiatives as of 2024:
**We have a DRIVE THRU that accepts cash, debit and credit cards**
SAFETY FIRST: Upon arrival, "STOP" at the office.

"Now Delivering", "Wholesale Direct", "Multiple Load Experts"
Quote 404-725-8515 with All-inclusive Deals on Dirt, Topsoil, Gravel, Crusher Run, Entrance, Base, Parking Gravel,
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Thank you for partnering with us since the early 90s.


81 Inert Recycling

2024 Value Rates
Commercial Loading Rates Tandems: #4/#34 Gravel $21 per ton; Crusher run $16.5 per ton (limited supply) 404-725-8515
Commercial Loading Rates Trailers: 4 yard bucket $168, Crusher run 4 yard bucket $138 (limited supply) 404-725-8515

Good Neighbor Campaign 2024: Save More, Deliver More. Wholesale Delivery to Neighbors in 2024
* Base Material for a new parking: #4/34: Starting at $33 per ton delivered. Delivery Quote: 404-725-8515
* Base Material Budget: Combining dirt and 34 Gravel starting at $17 per ton delivered.
* Crusher run? The only XL Crusher run in the market! Starting at $33 per ton delivered, Delivery Quotes. 404-725-8515
* Driveway Gravel? Costs less and lasts longer. Delivery Quotes
* Surge / Rip Rap "4" for water control: Starting at $33 per ton delivered Quote: Delivery 404-725-8515
* Cleanest Dirt in Gwinnett" fill dirt and topsoil for landscaping, levelling, sod, seed, closing pools, sink holes,
* Filling in holes: Starting at $11 per ton delivered, 404-725-8515
* "Builder Grade" Fill Dirt will help you save! Starting at $11 per ton delivered,
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Recycling & Disposal: All Natural Waste Accepted Concrete, Asphalt, Mulch, Leaves, Dirt, Mud 404-725-8515
Asphalt Recycling
Concrete Recycling
Dirt / Mud
Limbs / Brush
Dirt & Mulch: Fill Dirt & Topsoil Clean: "Cleanest soil in Loganville and the South" Quick Quote: 404-725-8515
Brown Sandy
Red Sandy
Red Clay
Topsoil Sand

Driveway Gravel:"Lasts Longer, Costs less!" Specializing in delivery of driveway gravel for all projects in Gwinnett, Walton, Barrow:
Quick Quote: 404-725-8515

Crush run
Crush run Asphalt
Rip Rap
> Local: Our local "family" operation started recycling the earth for our community in '93
> Convenient: Dispose "green" natural waste at a Green clean site
> Competitive: Everday wholesale fees provide customers with value-based rates
> Value: Recycling and mining operation controls high quality and value

> Clean: Roads maintained to minimize wear and tear on everyone's trucks
> Delivery: 81 saves customers even more by delivering our products in dump trucks
> Safety: Drive-thru and outdoor operations promotes health and safety for all customers and employees

Leadership. Prior to 1992, our company focused on our own land projects. In 1993, good friends and competitors asked if we could help them with their projects. We followed Jesus and said "yes." Since that day our focus is to recycle the earth to help more people do MORE projects for LESS. In the beginning, our founder asked the Lord for guidance and leadership. He asks that we follow the Golden rule, always strive to do the right thing for Good faithful and loyal customers. With faith, we have worked hard to become one of the first land clearing and community development companies to RECYCLE the EARTH.

We became among the first in the country to recycle concrete, dirt and asphalt. We became the first to deliver our screened gravel, asphalt and soil products WHOLESALE DIRECT in Gwinnett, Walton, Barrow: Loganville, Winder, Bethlehem, Snellville, Grayson, Lawrenceville, Between, Gratis, N. Conyers, Dacula, Auburn, Oxford, Lilburn, Statham and more.

Nearly three decades later, we focus on convenience by offering "wholesale direct" delivery of super quality gravel, topsoil, clean fill dirt, sod dirt, asphalt gravel, rip rap, surge, mulch and sand. We have partnered with our "faithful" neighbors, and hired by "good" commercial vendors and even contracted by good professional film and television projects like AMC "THE WALKING DEAD," WARNER BROTHERS "PRISONERS" & NEW LINE'S "FIST FIGHT."

We feel blessed to have to opportunity to connect with our Kind and Fiath based neighbors, customers, partners and vendors to obtain and deliver value-oriented wholesale rates, recycling to minimize waste, services for Greater Atlanta customers in parts of Gwinnett, Walton, Barrow, Oconee, Fulton, DeKalb, Newton and Metro Atlanta. 81, the 1st site to recycle concrete, asphalt and dirt waste in Georgia. A commitment to "treating others, including the earth, how we would want to be treated" by our Founder and Chairman, Nathan Caswell, JD.
7:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday, Last load in the gates by 4 PM
Closed Sat & Sunday in the Winter
Gates close promptly so give yourself enough time to unload (30 minutes min)
Need advice on your project? 404-725-8515. We helped thousands of our Good Neighbors annually.

We started out in your shoes, doing like projects in Walton and Gwinnett. Today with over 100 years of experience, our Expert Advisory team at 81 sees a project through your eyes. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with our community. We listen carefully to your needs. And then we provide recommedncations for materials that last longer and cost less. We have the most economical, environmentally sensitive and functional products for your project. Consider the longest lasting and least expensive Gravel from concrete. It is 95% granite and ADHESIVES from portland cement. Customers obtain the retained value of bonding for a fraction of the price of other products like granite and river rock. When we make recommendations on gravel, topsoil, asphalt, fill dirt in Loganville, Snellville, Grayson, Winder, Dacula, Auburn, Monroe, Bethlehem, we always recommend what we would use if it were our own project. By always recommending what we would use, we know the results will cost less, last longer and look amazing.
We strive for Excellence represented in a big job with Dirt, Gravel for a Pool Closing and concrete job.

"I guess you had alot of catch up work with the pretty weather. We are thankful for work you do! By the way, as a side job in all your spare time you should go on the speaker circuit and deliver messages on how to run a business. We've never been so much in awe over how professional, efficient and personable your team was, even though we have not even met yall in person. Keep up the great work, you're creating an awesome legacy for your children and not just in building a business, but in the more important area of character development. Long winded, but wanted you to know, and it has truly been refreshing doing business with you" - Linda Witaker

81 Recycles earth.

81 Inert
6444 Highway 81N, Loganville, 30052
Serving Gwinnett, Walton, Barrow

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