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81 Gravel Company Delivers highest QUALITY Gravel to your home or work project.

Ordering Gravel from 81 in Gwinnett, Walton and Barrow, Greater Atlanta is Simple:
1. Speak or text a friendly Advisor 404-725-8515
2. Obtain rates & book a reservation
3. 81 makes a successful delivery

Why Select 81:
- Value-based Wholesale Direct Prices Everyday "Why Pay Retail?™"
- Highest Quality Gravel Available in Gwinnett, Walton, Barrow, Fulton since 1993
- Concrete gravel and Screened asphalt "lasts longer and costs less"
- Retained value from the adhesives remain active and re-bond for a longer shelf life
- Finer screened products provide consistent professional finishing "look"
- Multiple tandem dump trucks complete projects ranging from 1 to 50 or more loads
- Dependable, Exact-time delivery™ to Metro Gwinnett with text updates to keep you informed
- Major Credit cards accepted for convenience on multiple loads
- Golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Shine and Praise the lord Jesus!

- History of succesful projects since 1993 with thousands of projects completed annually

Gravel Types Sold for delivery Loganville, Grayson, Dacula, Monroe, Grayson, Snellville, Winder, Bethlehem, Lawrenceville, Oxford, Between, Good Hope

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81 Crusher Run Concrete

81 Crusher Run Concrete
Crushed and screened
Diameter: "1 Inch Minus" 98%
Used for drive ways, parking pads, base material, fill material, parking spots, parking lots
Size varies
Adhesives bond for longest lasting
Delivery quote depending on zip code

Driveways surface material
Roadway material
Compaction Gravel
"Super Glue" included - Adhesive from Concrete

Best Value
Least Expensive
Holds up to 10x longer than granite
Bonds to turn back to concrete
Crushed and screened

No. 81-57 / Driveway Gravel Crushed Concrete (Recycled)

81 57 Crushed Concrete
Ave Size: "3/4 to 1.5 Inch" diameter 95%
Used for drive way base, parking pads, base material,

Tandem Dump Truck Delivery

Lasts Longer Costs less Material "Green"
Most popular for Driveways
Surface Material for Driveways
Driveways and Parking Pads
Drainage material for plumbing
Holds up to 10x longer than granite

Crushed and screened

No. 57 / Driveway Gravel Granite
81 57 Crushed Granite
Ave size: "3/4 to 1.5 Inch" diameter 98%
Used for drive way base, parking pads, base material, fill material

Tandem Dump Truck Delivery

Cover Material for Driveways
Drainage material for plumbing

Crushed and screened

No. 34 / XL Driveway Gravel Concrete (Recycled)

No. 34 Crushed Concrete
Size can vary call for details
Large Gravel Used to establish firm base, truck parking lots, drive way entrances, construction, packing in muddy environments, drainage, plumbing

Tandem Dump Truck Delivery

Recycled Material "Green"
Top Base Gravel that adds years
Entrance Gravel
Construction Gravel
Used to pack-in mud
Crushed and screened

Asphalt Gravel

81 Asphalt Milling Crush Run
Size: 3/4 inch mins to 1/16
Used for drive way base material, crush and run alternative that lasts longer than GAB

NEW Product:
81 Asphalt 57

Dump Truck Delivery Quotes

Recycled Material "Green"
Lower Cost than Granite
Anti-Erosion WeatherGuard
Resists weather and rain
Lasts 10x longer than GAB
Crushed and screened

Asphalt Gravel

81 Asphalt No. 57
Diameter: 1-1.5 inch ave 95%
Used for drive way material, pathways, parking pads, extra parking, turn arounds, base

Dump Truck Delivery quotes

Recycled Material "Green"
Most popular Driveway
Lower Cost than Granite
Anti-Erosion InterLock
Resists weather and rain

Rip Rap Type 4 Gravel Concrete (Recycled)

81 Rip Rap Concrete
Diamter: "3-6" inch 98%
Used for water control

Dump Truck Delivery quotes

Water Control
Recycled Material
Lower Cost

Rip Rap Type 3 Gravel Granite

81 Rip Rap Concrete
Size: "6 to 12 Inch" diameter 98%
Football to Basketball size
Used for water control

Delivery of 18 tons

Premium Material
Water Control

Crushed and screened

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Outstanding Service / Price
Our friendly and knowledeable material advisors will ensure that you receive information to make the right decisions, 81 Inert always offers you everyday bulk rates on Gravel. "Wholesale delivery direct" provides customers with "underprices" without compromising quality.
Your absolute satisfaction is our top objective. We focus on long-term repeat customers, not one time sales. We promise to deliver the highest quality most durable Gravel in the Greater Gwinnett, Barrow, Walton county market. We turn problems into solutions.
Success Stories
Since 1993, our Quality Gravel and Dirt has been successfully used for thousands of jobs in Georgia annually, from homes to businesses. We always strive for quality, keep in mind that all rock and dirt may vary in color and consistency as weather conditions vary. We do not provide refunds or exchanges for this reason but always strive to deliver the quality you require.

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Delivering Gravel Gwinnett, Walton, Barrow

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Satisfied Reviews

I appreciate your professionalism and aggressiveness" - Jameson of Dacula

"Thank you so much for the gravel delivery. Quality rock and you saved mi mucho" - Eduardo of Lawrenceville

"The driveway looks great, crush and run and the 57 was an excellent combo and recommendation" - Tate of Bethlehem

"I told my cousin about yall because you saved us so much in terms of up front cost, and thank you, you have been really nice to deal with" - Robin of Loganville

"Definitely add a tip for your driver, he put it exactly where I asked" - Laura, Loganville

"Thanks for rip rap, you saved my company tons of money" - Nora from Grayson

"A job well done on the parking area! Although we had weather delays, I appreciate the extra effort, thanks for the gravel walk way and the idea to make the border" - Mike from Snellville

"Thank you for closing our pool. (Dirt and Gravel) was perfect and your skid steer guy was good"
- Geoff of Tucker


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Major Credit cards accepted

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