we accept solid waste consisting of earth and earth-like products, concrete, cured asphalt, rock, bricks, yard trimmings, and land clearing debris such as stumps, limbs and leaves
We sell Red, Fill and San Dirt. Please call in advance to find out what quantities are available.
81 Inert Landfill is located on 6444 Highway 81, Loganville, Georgia, 30052
Frequently asked questions are answered here
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is your specialty?
81 is an inert landfill, recyling center, mining co and disposal site that partners with residential and commercial entities. We have worked with government, construction firms, engineering firms, real estate developers, contractors, haulers, graders, tree surgeons, paving companies, dirt brokers and landscapers. We help companies lower their land clearing and building material project costs with inert disposal, concrete removal, hauling, aggregate (gravel), asphalt, fill dirt and topsoil. One representative project: we removed and disposed 173 loads of concrete from a real estate development project. We have the hauling and disposal capacity to get your projects completed before deadlines and under budget.

2. What do you accept for disposal? What does Inert mean?
Inert refers to any earth or earth like natural occuring product that can be recycled. In general it means land clearing waste, tree waste, yard debris and certain natural hardscape waste. Here are the items that we accept: tree waste, dirt/mud, landscaping debris, tree limbs, tree stumps, tree logs, tree much, concrete, asphalt, rock, bricks, yard trimmings, bush, sand, wood chips, grass, bushes, clay, mulch, christmas trees, and land clearing debris such as stumps, limbs and leaves. Ask about pick-up services. Household trash and home building debris cannot be dumped at 81 Inert Landfill. For more information, call 404-725-8515

3. What kind of landscape supplies and building materials do you sell?

81 Inert sells screened Dirt including screened Topsoil, screened Fill Dirt, screened Red Dirt, screened Sugar Dirt and clean Brown Sandy Dirt. 81 Inert sells Atlanta Aggregate, gravel, No. #57 Gravel, #34 gravel, rip rap type 3, driveway gravel, crush and run, rip rap type 1, river rock pea gravel. 81 Inert has natural mulch. 81 inert sells firewood and hardwood logs. For Quotes, call 404-725-8515
4. What is "Recycle the Earth"
We only accept recyclable land and road clearing material. Our initiative moves the community recycling efforts beyond plastics. When you bring earth to our landfill, you are recycling your disposal materials back into the earth. Whenever possible, materials taken in are processed and sent back out for re-use like recycled mulch, gravel and asphalt. Other materials return to their home, mother earth and will be recycled in the future. Unlike other landfills, we do not mix inert material and house hold trash, do not create environment gases -- which is why our landfill is considered Green. Do your part and save money by separating house house and land clearing debris. You can save up to 75% or more by bringing materials to us. If you need support with these efforts, we offer pick-up services by appointment.

5. What items are prohibited?
81 Inert Landfill does NOT accept: Two by Fours, Doors, Fencing, Decking, Tile, Plastic, Hazardous, Contaminated Waste or Soils, Drywall, Foam, Styrofoam, Plaster, Batteries, House hold Garbage / Junk, Asphalt Roofing Materials, Liquids, Trash, Tar, Tar Paper, Mud, Washout, WET Concrete Mix, Asbestos Materials (pipe, floor tiles, etc). If you need to get rid of pallets or junk, we have an affiliated service that has picked up junk and household goods since 2008 for rates as low as 75% of leading junk competitors.
6. How long have you been in business?
We were the first inert landfill in the state of Georgia established in 1992 and open to the public in 1993. We are a second generation independent local family operation.
7. Upon arrival, where do I dispose of my waste?
When you arrive, drive into the site at 6444 Highway 81, Loganville, GA, stop and check in at the office on your right. The office manager will check you in and give you exact directions on where to dispose of your yard or land clearing waste.

8. Do you sell Dirt? Do you deliver Dirt?
81 specializes in commercial dirt loading and delivery. Our average dirt project ranges from 5 loads to 100 loads. We can handle projects of most sizes with multiple tandem trucks and loaders. We always have screened fill dirt and topsoil which achieves high compaction ratings and can be used for landscaping projects. Dump trucks hold up to 16 cubic yards. If you need dirt, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 tandem loads? 404-725-8515

9. Can I dump outside of my county?
Absolutely. Customers come to 81 Inert Landfill from all over Georgia, Gwinnett County, Walton County, Dekalb County, Oconee County, Barrow County, Fulton County, Morgan County, Rockdale County, Cobb County, Henry County and Newton County. We cater to customers from Loganville, Snellville, Lawrenceville, Winder, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Tucker, Monroe, Bold Springs, Between, Norcross, Buford, Duluth, Lilburn, Auburn, Winder, Grayson, Dacula, Auburm, Jefferson, Athens, Hoschton and more. Call to see if we can help you because our partners can remove from anywhere!

10. What forms of Payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Check, Credit and Debit Cards.

11. Can I apply for credit?
Contact us for details. We make obtaining an account easy. Set-up an account now and start dumping today. 404-725-8515

12. Are you open if its raining?
Typically we are. We will always open first thing in the morning. We do recommend that you call 770-466-3676 or 404-725-8515 when its raining heavily. When our customers stop running in a rain storm, we may shut down due to inactivity. We always keep the roads safe and passable even during and after heavy storms to ensure that you can get in and out of our site.

13. Are you open on Saturday?
Yes, we are open on Saturday from 8 AM - 1 PM

For Additional Questions, Dial 404-725-8515. Your calls are always welcome.
To dump, drop by today at 6444 Highway 81, Loganville, GA, 30052
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