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81 Inert Landfill is located on 6444 Highway 81, Lilburn, Georgia, 30052
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81 Lawrenceville Topsoil Dirt Gravel | Wholesale Directâ„¢ 404-725-8515
At 81, we operate a Dirt and Topsoil Mining Operation that delivers QUALITY Screened Fill Dirt, Red Dirt and Screened Topsoil in tandem dump truck quantities to Wholesale Direct to Lawrenceville, GA. To us, Quality Dirt, Topsoil and Gravel means = No Rocks or Roots, Wholesale rates, Professional service.

Ordering Landscape Materials in Lawrenceville, GA is Fast and Easy!
1. Call our Lawrenceville staff advisor and provide type, quantity and Lawrenceville address 404-725-8515
2. 81 will give you an all-inclusive rate and schedule a delivery to your Lawrenceville address
3. 81 will call you to let you know the dirt is being loaded and delivered to Lawrenceville, GA

Delivering to Lawrenceville today! Quick Quote 404-725-8515


  1. Wholesale Direct - Unlike others, 81 specializes in Lawrenceville Dirt Delivery Wholesale Direct
  2. Top Quality - Unlike others, 81 fill dirt, red dirt and topsoil is clean/screened to help you avoid future sink holes
  3. Dependable - Unlike others, 81 has multiple tandem dump trucks can handle up to 100 loads a day in Lawrenceville

FILL DIRT "Cleaner than screened"
Lawrenceville Brown Sandy Fill Dirt (Cleaner than screened)
Lawrenceville Red Sandy Compaction Fill Dirt Mix (Screened clean)
Lawrenceville Red Dirt, 100% Georgia Red Clay Screened
Lawrenceville Sod Dressing Dirt, Screened

TOPSOIL "Screened quality"
Lawrenceville Topsoil Compost Blend Screened
Lawrenceville Topsoil Unscreened
Lawrenceville Topsoil for Grass Seed, Grass Sod

GRAVEL "Lasts longer, costs less"
Stone Mountain 57 Gravel
Crusher Run Stone Mountain
No. 6 Gravel
No. 57 Gravel
No. 57 Asphalt Driveway
No. Asphalt Milling
No. 34 Gravel Entrance
No. 34 Asphalt for Entrace / Base

81 can help you with your Lawrenceville, GA projects 404-725-8515
- Dirt for Pool closings, Sink Holes, Grading and Pool openings for Lawrenceville
- Soil, gravel, asphalt and mulch for retaining walls, backfilling, sink holes, roads, drive ways, yard dirt, or grade-up a low lying area
- Filling holes in the yard, building retaining walls, ramps, churchs rebuilding dirt after rain runoff
- Lawrenceville, Gwinnett, Landscaping dirt, dirt for pools, roads, dirt for construction projects for house developments, apartment developments, retail developments, dirt for office parks, dirt for government projects, department of transportation, gardens, dirt for atlanta home yard landscaping projects like sink holes, retaining walls, waterfalls, and other features

Order Info 404-725-8515


Topsoil Compost Blend
Premium screened

Screened Topsoil Compost sand blend for planting premium sod, grass seed, compost provides nutrients for growth and sand provides filtration so water can get to the roots.

Delivery of 8 or 16 cubic yards to Lawrenceville, Grayson, Snellville

Maximizes Nutrients for Premium Grass Seed, Grass Sod, Gardens or Organic Farming
Screened for Quality Assurance
Highest Quality

81 Red Sandy
Fill Dirt screened

Attractive screened Red Sandy for grading and sod dressing. Red sandy provides compaction and filtration.

Delivery of 8 or 16 cubic yards to Lawrenceville, Grayson, Snellville

Good Nutrients for sod or plants
Screened for Quality Assurance
Highestest Quality

81 Brown Sandy
Fill Dirt screened

Crystal "cleaner than screened" Brown Sandy for general grading and filling holes, pools, changing the grade. Brown sandy provides compaction and filtration.

Delivery of 8 or 16 cubic yards to Lawrenceville, Grayson, Snellville

All Purpose Fill
Easy to work with
Best filtration
Good compaction

81 Double Shredded Mulch
Attractive screened Mulch for beds and cover. Mulch conserves moisture to help plants grow and breaks down to provides nutrients for plants.
Natural, Red, Brown & Black

Delivery of 8 or 16 cubic yards to Lawrenceville, Grayson, Snellville

Maximizes Nutrient Retention
Clean and safe for kids and pets

Customers Reviews
"Greg the Topsoil loads were just what the doctor ordered. We have passed your name onto other neighbors in our HOA." - Mike Craig Lawrenceville, GA

"81 driver Spenver did a great job, please thank him for me" - Sue and Ted Connoly, Lawrenceville

"Thank Justin and Greg for the 3 loads of Topsoil" - John Smithson, Lawrenceville

"20 Loads ordered, 20 Loads Delivered. 5 Star Rating!" - Paul Davis Loganville

"Thank you for the job well done the topsoil and fill dirt was excellent. We ordered with the expectation that we would need 12 loads, it took 10 loads!" - Carrie from Grayson

"Thank you for helping us with our pool closing. Dirt was high quality and the job was done professionally. We ordered 16 loads and ended up with 14 loads of fill dirt, 2 loads of red and 1 load of topsoil."
- Sarah Monroe

How Much Do You Need? 404-725-8515
Our Trucks hold 16 Cubic Yards / 18 tons


2" Depth

3" Depth

4" Depth









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